Handmade Guitars, Mandolins & Instrument Repair

Pricetone Instruments
were uniquely handcrafted by the late
Lewis Price in Sumter and Columbia SC.
Pricetone instruments were hand made for each buyer personally.  

The Look:
The finest materials were in each & every Guitar & Mandolin. Pricetone used very old, very rare Brazilian Rosewood, Honduras Mahogany, or Curly Maple for the backs and sides of our guitars that give a very unique and one of a kind appearance.
The Sound:
The tone and volume produced from a Pricetone is unbelievable.
For information contact Lisa Price 1-843-241-2476 or email:

Some quotes from past buyers of Pricetone Mandolins & Guitars

Quotes can be found on forums.

Bottom line ... Lewis builds a great mandolin (and dreadnough guitar), is an excellent musician and an all-around great guy!

Lewis is a great guy! I ordered my first good mandolin from him in '02. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I got it!

That was a very nice mandolin, good vintage vibe and it sounded great.

His guitar, built from 150+ year old black walnut and when I strummed my first chord I believe my response was "my God" Lewis just looked at me, smiled and said ..."loud isn't it" Yes, with tone to die for and incredible playability.
I bought #54!! - It's the BEST!! - hands down - mandolin I've EVer OWNED - AND believe me i've had a few

Lewis' "player" has developed a "classic" loud, woody chop

I just purchased a guitar from him, and the just like the mandolin I already own, the sound quality in this instrument is amazing.

His guitar is modeled after the Martin HD-28 and the sound it produces stands up to the three HD-28s I put it against.

There is also something to be said about the personal service I have always received from Mr. Price.

Great instruments and great people. That's what makes a good buying experience.

Lewis builds very fine instruments. Your guitar back is beautiful.

I have heard good things about Pricetone mandolins.

I recognize that guitar back. I remember thinking it was one of the most beautiful backs I've ever seen.

I can't get over the piece of wood he used in that mandolin neck. VERY different!

You get a lot of mandolin when you buy a pricetone. I get many comments on the volume and tone of my pricetone.

I highly recommend people looking into his instruments the value on these are awesome.

I will forever recommend a Pricetone made by Lewis Price in South Carolina. Awesome bark, sweet tone, and plays like butter!
Columbia SC state museum induction. Congratulations to Lewis Price!
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