Handmade Guitars, Mandolins & Instrument Repair

Pricetone Instruments
are unique & handcrafted by
Lewis Price in Sumter and Columbia SC. 
Instrument repairs:
On site Guitar and Mandolin repairs

For Price and Availability
We like to speak with each buyer personally.
We do not have click to buy options

We look forward to help you find the
 instrument that is perfect for you.
Please contact us if you have any
questions or would like to see more photos
of one of the numbered instruments listed.

The Look:
The finest materials in each & every Guitar & Mandolin. Pricetone uses very old, very rare Brazilian Rosewood, Honduras Mahogany, or Curly Maple for the backs and sides of our guitars that give a very unique and one of a kind appearance.

The Sound:
The tone and volume produced from a Pricetone is unbelievable.

Some quotes from past buyers of Pricetone Mandolins & Guitars

Quotes can be found on forums.

Bottom line ... Lewis builds a great mandolin (and dreadnough guitar), is an excellent musician and an all-around great guy!

Lewis is a great guy! I ordered my first good mandolin from him in '02. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I got it!

That was a very nice mandolin, good vintage vibe and it sounded great.

His guitar, built from 150+ year old black walnut and when I strummed my first chord I believe my response was "my God" Lewis just looked at me, smiled and said ..."loud isn't it" Yes, with tone to die for and incredible playability.
I bought #54!! - It's the BEST!! - hands down - mandolin I've EVer OWNED - AND believe me i've had a few

Lewis' "player" has developed a "classic" loud, woody chop

I just purchased a guitar from him, and the just like the mandolin I already own, the sound quality in this instrument is amazing.

His guitar is modeled after the Martin HD-28 and the sound it produces stands up to the three HD-28s I put it against.

There is also something to be said about the personal service I have always received from Mr. Price.

Great instruments and great people. That's what makes a good buying experience.

Lewis builds very fine instruments. Your guitar back is beautiful.

I have heard good things about Pricetone mandolins.

I recognize that guitar back. I remember thinking it was one of the most beautiful backs I've ever seen.

I can't get over the piece of wood he used in that mandolin neck. VERY different!

You get a lot of mandolin when you buy a pricetone. I get many comments on the volume and tone of my pricetone.

I highly recommend people looking into his instruments the value on these are awesome.

I will forever recommend a Pricetone made by Lewis Price in South Carolina. Awesome bark, sweet tone, and plays like butter!
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